Enrobe Fashion | Quality Policy

We have maintained international standards in quality control. Our overall objective is to become the most preferred choice of our customers. Our high-tech and sophisticated machinery is testimony to our dedication in achieving quality products, efficiently. At the workplace we maintain a healthy environment to boost their confidence and foster innovative and creative thinking in the workforce.

Our competitive workforce is equipped with the most sophisticated machinery. We have employed imported, high speed sewing machines and a range of lock, cutting, stitching machines and irons to give a well prepared quality product.

Corporate Social Responsbility

Every individual, be it a man or a woman or an organization - owes some duties and responsibilities towards the fellow beings and society at large. It is in giving that the greatest pleasure lies in.

Our manufacturing unit is located in semi-urban area so we have been provided a good facility to our employees and not only part of our employees but dedicated to give nice atmosphere and environment within an area of unit. We will also contributing some part of our earning profit to needy young children who are not able to get a well education and even food as well.