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enrob director

Mr. Manohar Lal Sharma (Director)

has 15 years experience in the field of designing hand-crafted items. He is responsible to handle the entire operations including production, Q.C, sourcing, marketing and human resource department as well.
Contact No. - +91 - 8126072963

Track suit




enrob Marketing & Operation Head

Mr. Darpan Bhardwaj (Marketing & Operation Head )

has 7 years experience in export industry segment. He has also international exposure and visited countries: Thailand and Bangladesh. He is an MBA (Management & Entrepreneurship) from Pearl School of Business Gurgoan and degree is awarded by Nottingham Trent University. U.K.
Contact No. - +91 - 9058467743

Track pants




enrob Senior Merchandiser & Fashion Designer

Mr. Mohit Bhardwaj (Senior Merchandiser & Fashion Designer)

has 7 years experience in crafting and designing apparel dresses. He is passing out bachelor degree in fashion technology from Rajasthan University and MBA from APJAKTU University. He will be responsible to handle all the sample work till order comes and forward order according to customer requirements.
Contact No. - +91 - 9760896475

enrob bibs





Enrob IT Head

Mr. Aarpan Bhardwaj (IT Head)

has 7 years experience in IT Company as a software engineer. He worked on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and System Application Products (SAP) Projects. He is passing out MCA from NIET Greater Noida. He will be taking care of all operations and execute system, applications, software/hardware according to company need.
Contact No. - +91 - 9557756376

Cricket Dress


enrob Football Dress

Football Dress


enrob Senior Marketing Manager

Mr. Manoj Sharma ( Senior Marketing Manager,)

has more than 12 years experience in export industry and one of the brand name cosmetics Products Company’s ORRIFLAME. He will be taking care of all marketing aspects include advertising and promotions.
Contact No. - +91 - 9997486211

 enrob Athletic Dress

Athletic Dress


enrob Production & Q.C. Head

Mr. Sanohar Sharma (Production & Q.C. Head)

has more than 10 years experience in one of the best severed industry in export handicraft segments. He will be taking care of production and quality control system. Major and important aspects to serve a great quality in the market so based on his experience he will be handle this responsibility.

Hockey Dress


enrob kabaddi dress

kabaddi dress